A 2020 lookback at Connected Cars

2020 has passed away in a blink of an eye, leaving behind many learnings. It’s been a turbulent year around the globe for most businesses, and we at Connected Cars are also putting an end to this year with a lot of wisdom — taught by the challenges — and hope for the next year. We sat down with our CEO, Mads Gregersen for some retrospection around Connected Cars for this passing year and also to hear some of the plans for the upcoming year.

Milestones of this year

Marketing team day in November — the creative way the team discussed strategy for 2021

Our product has been improving a lot this year thanks to the growing amount of data from connected cars. We have invested in more advanced algorithms for more precise information and vehicle health prediction. We also added very cool and highly requested features such as the quotes feature, and we see that our partners achieve a lot better results both in terms of customer satisfaction and financial results.

This year we also expanded our commercial footprint despite the world economy being hit by the pandemic.

‘I believe that our commercial expansion is really a testament to our position in the automotive industry; despite the financial turmoil, the strategic imperative to everyone is clear: Connecting with customers need to become a seamless digital experience and that is exactly what we help our partners do, ’ adds Mads Gregersen.

In the year 2020, we also matured our international operations setup as we matured to a point where we can support our customers in a standard customer success setup.

Dealing with Covid

During Covid, we quickly learned that the relevance of our product is more important than ever. Our focus throughout these trying times was to maintain throttle through the health crisis and its financial repercussions. Despite the fact that our financial forecasts were not fully realized due to the global financial crisis, our team came out of this better than before. Although we were forced to work remotely and manage everything online, the Connected Cars team was able to keep the good spirit and overcome many challenging situations along the way.

Working remotely — Nuances from the CC team’s home offices

Lookout for 2021

Looking at the industry trends and forecasts of 2021, it looks very exciting for us.

‘ The automotive industry will remain badly hit by covid. At the same time, when it comes to connecting better with customers it is clear that it is still very much a must-do for virtually any car-organization. That is why we expect 2021 to be our best commercial year so far’, says Mads Gregersen

At the same time in the new year, we are continuing to expand our team across all departments while a healthy and thriving company culture will remain our north star. There are plenty of exciting things coming up in the new year both regarding business and our company and we are very much looking forward to 2021.

Greetings from behalf of the Connected Cars team

We are leaving behind 2020 with a grateful heart and would like to thank our partners, our team, and all the people who were cheering for our success this year.

We wish everyone happy holidays and an even better year to come!